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 Posting a Roleplay

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PostSubject: Posting a Roleplay   Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:14 pm

Some of you may or may have not been on other sites before. Our basic posting stuff is just like most sites.

Quests and Personal Roleplays (just you)

Starting a quest or personal roleplay is simple. If it is a quest pick out which oneand copy all of the information on the quest and post it in your planet forum, make sure your topic title is the name of the quest and the description says what difficulty it is. After you've posted the info then you can reply to that topic on your actual quest. You can go further then what is required it is actually encouraged! If it is a personal roleplay then just post in your planet's thread with an appropriate title and start the roleplay! Just make sure at the end you put your word count and the total word count so far for both things.

Battling,Sparing, Personal Roleplays (2+people), Quests (2+ people)

Batting and sparing is a more complex system than quests and personal roleplays but the posting is simple. After you have found someone on the same planet and is willing to quest/battle/spar/personal roleplay with you figure out who will go first. Keep in mind the first poster decides where the fight takes place and some other factors such as what the weather is like. The second poster follows that (keep in mind you can discuss the factors, it's not entirely up to the first poster). By the end of the third post you should have interacted with each other. The battle/spar will go until A. Someone gives up B. Someone dies or C. both people's DP reaches 0. Personal Roleplays can end however you decide, you can die in it but only if you want to. Quests end whenever you want them to as long but try to wrap it up withing 2-4 posts after you've completed the quest.
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Posting a Roleplay
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