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Welcome to Ultimate Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game!

We are currently active as of November 2017!




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PostSubject: Vegeta   Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:02 pm

Character you wish to be:Vegeta

Starting planet: Earth

Pick an attack to start with: Galic Gun

Pick 2 stats to be upgraded by 50: Strength and Resistance

Strength and Resistance

Choose 1 of the following specials: Power up: +10% Ki in Battle

Starting race bonus: +20 Resistance.

How did you find us? Made the site, lol

How long do you plan to stay? As long as people are active plus and extra 1000 years.

Rate us 1-5 (Optional)

200 Word sample roleplay: ~Trunks looked around for a little bit and began to get embarrassed. He figured out this was death. All he remembered was getting stabbed in the back by something sharp and being sucked into something. " Cell, " Trunks whispered to himself. His fists began to tighten and his teeth began to grind against each other. "you won't get away with this!" Trunks shouted as he began to unleash an aura around him, "I swear Cell, one day I will come back and kill you myself!". There was no stopping him, his power was gaining and his hatred burned and churned deep inside him. Without thinking the fist of the angry Saiyan flew into a pillar and cracked it in half. "Cell, you will pay!" Trunks took off down a strange hall, looking for a way out. He searched the entire zone searching for a way to fly down to Earth. After about an hour he gave up and collapsed. Trunks searched the entire area and all there was, was clouds that the building sat on. The Saiyan began to fall asleep but was quickly awoken by a little demon that had red skin. He spoke of being able to cleanse his soul and explained that there was this machine down in hell that well cleansed souls. "I'm up for it," Trunks told the demon, "It'll be good training and I'll get cleansed!"

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