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 Earth Quests

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PostSubject: Earth Quests   Wed May 01, 2013 9:32 pm

Easy-1000 words
Medium-2,000 words
Hard-4,000 words,
Impossible-6,000 words.
Korin's tower!-Item Quest, 1000 Words.

You've heard about the great Korin's Tower and the strengths that come along with it! The wonders of it and what there is to be gained from climbing the tower gets to your mind and you decide to climb the tower and retrieve the divine water from Korin. + 1 Divine Water (Can be used to gain +1000 SP)

Red Ribbon Annihilation Part 1-Easy

The Red Ribbon Army is beginning to build up again! The only force in the word that can stop it is you! Defeat Colonel Silver, this isn't the same Colonel Silver Goku faced in Dragon Ball. This is a new, stronger more advanced Colonel Silver. Defeat him and acquire 1000 Zeni!
Red Ribbon Annihilation Part 2-Medium

Requires part one done and submitted for rewards.

Now that one evil man is out of the way, it's time to face a more serious threat Colonel Violet. She is stronger than Silver and will be harder to beat. Finish her off and acquire 2000 Zeni!
Red Ribbon Annihilation Part 3-Hard

Requires part two done and submitted for rewards.

Your hard work has begun to bring peace to Earth. There are 2 major people that need to go down in order to end the reign of the Red Ribbon's permanently. The next General you need to fight is General Copper. One of the most ruthless people, next to Commander Red. Reward for ending copper is 2,500 Zeni.
Red Ribbon Annihilation Part 4-Impossible-

Requires part three done and submitted for rewards.

All has been patched in the world except for one being, Commander Red. The new Commander Red is by far the most powerful being in the Red Ribbon Army. The amount of power needed to end him is enormous. +4,000 Zeni for completing this quest + 1 Red Ribbon ship, can hold 2 people and can travel to any planet.
Another Changlings?

The brother of King Cold, Icearay (Ice-a-ray) has awaken from a very long slumber. His eyes are set on you, a rising warrior. He is afraid that you may one day rise to stop the Planet Trade Organization. He has confronted you where you are currently, Earth. He does not want you to walk away from this fight, finish him off before he finishes you off. +1000 Zeni
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Earth Quests
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