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 Frieza Quests

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PostSubject: Frieza Quests   Wed May 01, 2013 9:33 pm

Easy-1000 words
Medium-2,000 words
Hard-4,000 words,
Impossible-6,000 words.

Global Annihilation - Easy Quest

After the implantation of Law Set 3, Sector 5, Section 9, Page 21  the Planet Trade Organization's profits plummeted quickly. You have been selected as one of the top people to secretly obtain planets that bring great value, even if doing so would violate the rules. Find a delectable planet worth value and bring it into the P.T.O.'s collection.
Assassination Attempt-Easy Quest

The current head leader of the P.T.O. is Chilled, who has been alive for a long time has trusted you with a mission. He fears a small planet called Weznaut (Wez-knot) is begging to rebel. Day by day they are preparing for an all out attack on the P.T.O. Even though they have no chance of destroying the P.T.O. all at once they still may cripple them long enough to strike Chilled. Find the general of Weznaut and take him out.-1000 Zeni
Royalty Strikes Back -Medium Quest
Prerequisites: Assassination

The Weznauts were outraged at the death of their leader and hero, however the most angry one is the son of the leader. He was very close with his father and is ready to take revenge. This warrior has attacked you moments before traveling back to Frieza. He wants nothing more then to kill you. To ensure your death he has brought along several high ranked officers ready to strike back if their leader is disabled. Find a way to distract them and finish of your opponent. -2000 Zeni
A War Has Arisen-Hard Quest
Prerequisites:Royalty Strikes Back

The death of two Royal members and several officers has enraged the new leader. He has recently received weapons, ammunition, new soldiers, and vehicles from the planet Bezhaugen (Bez-hog-en). He has declared war on the planet Frieza and will not stop until the planet is destroyed. Your past experiences with the Weznauts makes you an excellent person to lead an assault with. Lead a group of soldiers to the planet and wipe out the recently arrived weapons and vehicles. Careful, they have increased security on the planet and have hired many Bezhaugens to protect the incoming support. -2,500 Zeni
Stopping an Unstoppable Force-Impossible Quest
Prerequisites: A War Has Arisen

The fall of Weznaut has brought the economy of Bezhaugen to a sudden halt, for years Weznaut has been buying weapons and supplies from them and now that the planet is a wasteland their income has fallen they have no choice but to wage war on Frieza. The recent Weznaut VS Frieza war has damaged the Frieza Empire, they can not take another war so soon. It's up to you to finish off the Bezhaugens. It may seem impossible to solely take them out however there is more then what meets the eye, my friend. The planet is far to close to support life on the planet but somehow it does. Their trick is millions of large cooling systems placed around the planet when they arrived forty-two years ago. The strongest of Bezhaugens guard the cooling systems and the systems have around 3,000 grid protectors. If you can take them out you will win the pure trust and companionship of the P.T.O. -4,000 Zeni and one P.T.O. Ship that can hold three people and can travel to and from any planet.
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Frieza Quests
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