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 Namek Quests

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PostSubject: Namek Quests    Wed May 01, 2013 9:34 pm

Easy-1000 words
Medium-2,000 words
Hard-4,000 words,
Impossible-6,000 words.

Guru's Quest- Easy Quest

The Elder; Guru, has seen great ability in you. He believes you are the perfect person to retrieve the 6 Star Ball. The ball has recently been stolen by some space thugs. At this point it is seen that they do not know of the ball's power. Your mission is to retrieve the ball without leaking information of it's power.- 1000 Zeni
Guru's Second Quest- Medium Quest
Prerequisites: Guru's Quest

One of the members of Guru's large protective group has betrayed his Elder and has tipped off the thugs, a wire was heading to someone in the security group was intercepted and de-scrambled. It read
In 1600 hours we take back the 6 star, prepare to get your hands dirty.
Find out who the traitor is and stop the ball from being stolen again.-2000 Zeni
Earth Calls On You!-Hard Quest

Earth has been under siege for 10 hours now. The attackers are a group of Chilled's old group of warriors. Chilled fired them when he was forced to stop murdering people to obtain planets. It seems as if this is their way to tell Chilled they will not stop. Earth calls on the braves warriors from Namek to stop these punks and free Earth once again.-2,500 Zeni
Only Demons Never Cry-Impossible Quest

Demons from the other side of the Universe have slowly begun to migrate to planets on this side of the Universe, this would be fine except they have taken a liking to Namek. It reminds them of home, a large planet that contains a few trees now and then but contains close to no life. Every Demon has their eyes set on Namek, it is your job to hold them back long enough for the aid of other planets to arrive.-4,000 Zeni if you hold back until they arrive -5,000 Zeni if you help them push the demons back(7,000 words total required if you want the extra Zeni)
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Namek Quests
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