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 Vegeta Quests

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PostSubject: Vegeta Quests   Wed May 01, 2013 9:35 pm

Easy-1000 words
Medium-2,000 words
Hard-4,000 words,
Impossible-6,000 words.

The System is Corrupt!-Easy Quest

Ever since King Vegeta was pushed out of power chaos has struck planet Vegeta. The new king has kept out of all planetary issues and instead resides in an underground bunker on a nearby planet. He is a true coward. You've decided to finally end this barbarous way of life the Saiyans live today, either push HIM out of power or take his life. -1000 Zeni

Help is on the Way-Medium Quest

While several Saiyans were out inspecting a planet for delivery to the P.T.O. they were ambushed by the previous inhabitants who were recently thought to have died. The planet name? Neztaria (Nez-tear-ia) The Neztarians are thought to be avenging their ancestors who almost was completely obliterated by the previous P.T.O. Finish off whoever is responsible for this and get the soldiers back home safely.-2,000 Zeni

Wild Goose Chase-Hard Quest
Prerequisite: The System is Corrupt

Two weeks ago an important Saiyan leader who began to help heal the system was murdered by an unsub (unidentified suspect). Every four days another important person in the system has been murdered. It seems their are still loyal people to the old king. It's been estimated 10-20 thousand traitors still are out there. Remember the effort it took to stop the old king? Times that by 10. It's up to you to stop them from gaining any more followers and harming any more innocents.-2,500 Zeni
Bring Back the Peace!-Impossible Quest
Prerequisite: Help is on the Way

Thought you wiped out the Neztairans did yeah? Well they're still out there and their rage is something that can not be contained any longer. They were planing on slowly being recognized but since you stopped them dead in their tracks they're starting an all out war. The head leaders of Vegeta have seen your past experience with them and are counting on you to lead Vegeta to victory, but don't forget the poor inspectors that were the first targets for the Neztairans. They want their chance at revenge just like any true Saiyan does.-4,000 Zeni
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Vegeta Quests
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