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 Ices Custom character

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PostSubject: Ices Custom character   Fri May 31, 2013 11:52 am

Character Name:Bane, Taiyō

Race: Saiyan

Starting race bonus:

Pick an attack to start with:

Darkness energy burst (Kinda like a negative kamehameha)

Biography:Taiyō was a normal kid no cares in the world but come noon his father would always train him and smash him into the ground trying to tough him up and maybe turn him into a mythic legend a super saiyan by this time planet Vegeta was at peace with frieza but upon the day of friezas betrayal Taiyō was sent in a saiyan space pod to the planet earth (At the age of 12) It was there that he learned basic saiyan techniques like a ki blast knowing most things where capable of it he was still proud of himself for achieving this power -Time skip 2 years)With the 2 years he spent on earth Taiyō knew how to survive in the wilderness and stop most wounds from becoming infected.(Crappy but i just rushed it a lot.)



Description: (Ice)

Pick 2 stats to be upgraded by 50: (Strength, resistance

Choose 1 of the following specials:

Robber: Steal 80% of enemy Zeni. (Each time you do so, your alignment will go down.)

How did you find us?:google

How long do you plan to stay?:until i manage to become the best

Rate us 1-5 (Optional):3 and a half

200 Word sample roleplay:(Bleach history rp sample XD) Gray was born in the west Rukongai of town when he was born his Reiatsu was so powerful that his mother could only see him under 2 occasions 1.To feed him 2.to bath him.His father was strict as if he was raising a machine who was built for war and killing
----------------500 year time skip-------------------
(Just gonna say 100 years equals to 1 year)

Gray had learned to control his Reiatsu as much as he could hang out with people at the age of five Gray could already use Weak Kido thought by his father and was never happy when Ice could not fully use 1.Gray got his own sword at 5 and could not call its name but for the first time his father was not angry with him he knew how hard it was to call a Zanpakutō Gray always tried to ask its name 3 times a day every day trying his hardest to reach the friend he longed for he never heard his Zanpakutōs Name
---------------500 Year time skip--------------------
Gray was walking threw the town he was buying grocery's from the local store for his family his eyes caught glimpse of two punks picking on his friends he confronted the men only to be attacked by them and slashed down the chest (Scared there) Then his Zanpakutō Called to Gray "Release me Strike them down with the power of justice My name is Taiyō no ken o katto Say it with pride that a mere Child can wield me" Ice called out his Zanpakutō's name Punish the unjust with your power Taiyō no ken o katto as the power was let loss the ground below Gray shook and shattered Gray was holing in the power to avoid the destruction of the Town and punished the punks with the power He went home and told his father of what he had done and his father was angry with him "You must learn to control your Zanpakutō I am sending you to the shinsangami academy until you are 1600 years old you got it" Is father commanded Ice did as which his Father commanded and went to the academy he mastered in his kido classes and never could pass his Zanpakutō restraint classes due to the fact Taiyō no ken o katto would not be controlled under his weak body Gray had never been addressed as master by his Zanpakutō It was always kid or child
-----------------500 year time skip--------------------
Gray had finally turned 1500 years old and his Zanpakutō finally had a shred of respect towards him and finally called him Gray and told him he may use him as long as he was doing the just and stopping Evil things such as hollows Gray had gone up the ranks in squad 6 and was finally the rank of captain and Gray would not loss it from anything or anyone who tried to steal it from Gray.Gray walked his quarters every day waiting for something to write and do without fighting and destroying
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Ices Custom character
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