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 Vegeta's Removal

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PostSubject: Vegeta's Removal   Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:26 am

Vegeta gazed upon the desolate lands of dead rock and dust that laid before his eyes. The wind brushed gently against him, cooling his sweat covered body, slightly. His arms remained nestled to his sides with his fists clenched tight and his right leg was located in front of his left at least a foot and it was slightly more elevated than the other, about half a foot up, resting on the uneven ground that he was standing on. He felt himself become tired and he began slipping from consciousness, his eyes slowly slid shut. The Saiyan's head quickly snapped forward, quickly sending him into an awakened state. It was then that he discovered he was falling asleep and knew it was time to go. He brought his right leg even with the other one and then turned his body and shifted his feet in the opposite direction as they had been. Vegeta then walked along side the trail that he had followed up to the hill and continued downhill for a ways, trying to avoid slipping in and out of conscience, which the walking and movement of his arms managed to do that pretty well.

"Today's training wasn't enough," his voice echoed throughout the area and reached out to nobody, "I'll need to work harder tomorrow."  

A thousand thoughts and emotions flashed through his head in an instant. All that Vegeta could ponder was his lack of strength and ability to overcome his rival, Kakarot. No matter the strength and tedious effort he constantly put towards becoming the toughest and most powerful, Kakarot would always come out on top. Part of Vegeta knew that his failure derived from the reasons he was training. His ultimate goal was to become the best and conquer all and Kakarots was just to see how strong he could become and to protect his family.

"Family," Vegeta scoffed, "family is just a reason people made up to allow themselves to s-"

The Saiyan cut out in mid-sentence. He felt and uneasy presence far far away. It much resembled that of Majjin Buu but it wasn't necessary a pure evil presence but more-so that of Frieza, not pure untouched evil that was created from demons, but that of someone who became that way through time. Vegeta could feel the energy mix with his insides and mash together with his soul, it was like the force of God, himself was looking deep into him and judging him. With just one gathering of the energy, Vegeta knew that because it was giving off such an intense aura and was still light-years away, it meant that this was not something he would want to meet. Not in a million years.

"I wonder what the others have to say about this," he spoke as he prepared for flight.

Sadly, he would not discover the thoughts of the others in time. Shortly after lifting himself from the Earth using his Ki, Vegeta once again found himself very tired, but this time it was not from a lack of energy and instead it felt as if his very essence was being twisted by the strange energy he had detected earlier. Before he could connect the dots his eyes instantly snapped shut and Vegeta's awakened state was replaced by the Sandman himself. The Ki that had been supporting his flight so far quickly faded away and the Saiyan's body succumbed to the force of gravity.

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Vegeta's Removal
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