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 Lost and Regained Part 1

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PostSubject: Lost and Regained Part 1   Tue Jul 04, 2017 1:03 am

The streets were quiet and simple. A slight breeze that whistled through the town is all the stirred. The remnants of past lives remained scattered all over. Toys, clothes, money, empty vehicles, anything that once indicated a simple life, it all sat illuminated by the miraculously still running streetlamps. The items all were missing their owners, each one of them presumed dead. Android 17 had been here before. He (or whatever gender term you apply to a cold, steel, (ex?) killing machine) could sense it. Inside the working mechanisms of the android's mind, a molecular memory of destruction and pain resided. All the fear and all the anger and agony, all of the hatred that was grown in this town was because of him. The inhabitants of this town, whatever the name of it was, were happy and content. Trouble did not brew much and when it did it was small and not threatening. That is, until Android number 17, villainous killing machine created by Doctor Gero, was released into the world for the simple purpose of devastation.

A child's toy caught the wind and rustled across 17's view.

Things were different now. Someone Android 17 felt remorse for what he had done. He could feel frustration towards himself. The sight of what laid before him was unbearable. How could he? What was the purpose? What had he gained? It was actually fun to kill those innocents.

Android 17 wasn't evil when his life first began. He was a child when Gero abducted him with his twin sister and turned them into these machines.Wouldn't that make him a cyborg? He often thought. I suppose if some part of him was human still, but there was nothing. He was all machine, all robotic. Gero transferred his consciousness over to the robotic body somehow. It didn't matter what he used to be. He was a killer, a savage destructive machine who wanted nothing but to die.

Whatever godly force that caused this transformation of Android 17 into this being of emotion and remorse, clearly was not aware of what he was messing with. No matter the reason for the destruction of 17's ego, he had no right to do what he had done. His actions were unforgivable. The darker and explicit side of the Android was going to overpower this new weaker side. He was going to shed the impeccably good part that had slipped into his consciousness. The remorse was going to melt away.

Android 17 tilted his head back and stared into night sky illuminated by the cosmic balls of energy. He shifted his legs so he was in a stronger stance. Quickly after he reached his arms out and aimed his palms towards an abandoned building off in the distance.

"Just gotta see..." 17 trailed off as he charged his inner energy from throughout his body and through his shoulders, through his arms, and out the base of his palm. His hands remained aimed in the direction of the building. Where the energy was supposed to release nothing came out. It just sputtered out back into his body, sending a jolt of power through him and sending Android 17 backward and deep into the pile of cracked asphalt slabs behind him. Dust shot into the air around 17 and mixed with it, whipping around and blasting everything with a fine layer of dust.

"God damn it!" 17 shouted in rage as he struggled to pull himself off of the asphalt slabs and back onto his artificial feet.

"I knew it, I had that feeling, I knew my power was gone, I knew it" He muttered as he began to straighten his back out and stand upright once more. Tooth began to grind against the tooth on the opposite hemisphere of the Android's mouth. Anger flooded inside, warped around and yanked at every other emotion, sucking everything around it down the level of rage that developed inside.

"I'll kill them!"

The words exploded and left a trail of fright, shooting out far away from the city and the surrounding wilderness.


The sound of a hinge swinging pierced the cyclone of anger, killing it instantly. Android 17 snapped his head to left, looking at the location of the sound. A small square hatch sat freshly opened, dust floating around from where the motion of the hatch going up kicked the dust around.

"Hello?" a fragile and weak voice questioned.
"Has help arrived?" another, sharper and somehow drier voice uttered.

The dust was still floating around making it hard for whoever it was in the hatch, to see. 17's eyes were sharp and trained, and most importantly, artificial. He could clearly see without a struggle to fight the particles still drifting.

Two beings poked their heads from above ground level, looking around for help but not spotting any, "we've been down here for months, is the Android gone yet?"

17 smirked. What fools! This is just what I need to reclaim my evil tendencies. Murder.

"I can see you, ya know!" the less dry voice spoke. The two emerged fully from the hatch and Mr. Dry voice closed it behind them. Just then a cool breeze blew in from the west and drifted most of the dust away, opening their field of view.

"Ugh... Mike..." Mr. Dry Voice spoke. He moved his arm upwards and pointed his bony human finger towards 17, "it's not dead!"

The two became frozen with fear, gazing up their devil. Looking deep into the eyes of the one who destroyed and killed their loved ones, their co-workers, their friends. The animals the grazed outside the city, the children who laughed and skipped in the streets.  Before them was the one solely responsible for all their grief and pain. They began to walk backward, quickly and swiftly. Falling into the broken rubble behind them. Their bodies fitting perfectly into the cracks.

Their graves. 17 thought.

"You two should have stayed put!" 17 cackled, he had never been so happy to see two humans. Normally disgust filled him but now he was actually happy, "you see, I have just recently lost my way and I need to find it again." The two humans, Dry Voice, and Mike didn't budge an inch. Fear can freeze a man like that. Make him so terrified and afraid that all he can do is stay put, almost like a reflex to not be seen, to hide to avoid death. But Android 17 was not some bear looking at them in the dark, he was a monster designed for death. Android 17 slowly began walking towards the two fearful humans, "somehow all the sappy human emotions made their way into my heart, but the thing is..." 17 trailed off, his eye catching the emotion glued to their faces just as he got within inches from them "huh, think you'd be more interested in why you're going to die, oh well." Without hesitation, Android 17 reached down and grabbed Mr. Dry Voice's head. Feeling his greasy and unkempt hair that was well longer than the man's back. He could feel the resistance the man's body was giving out, "God, your hair is so damn nas- SNAP". 17 grinned even wider, "there that's better." With one quick turn of the man's head, he was dead. 17 almost felt bad but then he remembered.

"Your turn"

Something inside the other man, Mike, clicked. His frozen state melted and he decided to run for his life, his miserable human life. The life that was over even if he wasn't murdered in the next few seconds. Alone and filled with terrifying memories of his children, his wife, even his dog. Assuming he had any of that.

Mike pulled himself up from the rubble and began to move away, swiftly and only a foot from the rubble.

"Not today, Mike, not today" 17 softly spoke. He grabbed the nearest grab-able size of asphalt he could. It couldn't have weighed more than twenty pounds or so. Still enough to crush a man's skull though. Which is exactly what he did with it. One quick swing with the rock and Mike's head split open like a watermelon. Blood spraying from the wound and pieces of his skull splintering off causing a strange feeling washed over the Android. Sure he had killed before, way more brutal than this, but those times he didn't have weak and simple human emotions attached to it. It was a very weird and intriguing emotion but not enough to discourage him, not at all. Mike's body made a loud thud as it crashed back down to Earth, just a foot away from where he pulled himself from the asphalt.

"Thank you, Mike, thank you Dry Voice" The amount of blood pouring from Mike's head sent a fluttering urge inside of 17. Not the urge for more killing, the urge to reclaim his strength. Not that his dedicated to the art of evil was returned, he had to be the invincible monster he once was.

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Lost and Regained Part 1
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